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Objectives and Philosophies

The objectives of the Association shall be to develop and promote the cultural and professional well-being of Chinese New Zealanders, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing shall include the following:

  • To be beneficial to the community by serving as a voice on matters of medical or health concern affecting Chinese New Zealanders in health research and government policy making.

  • To educate the general public and in particular the Chinese community of current and recurring health issues through the conducting of free Chinese and English language public seminars and health checks.

  • To be beneficial to the community by running a website providing/linking medical information for free download and to provide a free directory of registered medical practitioners specifying the Chinese language abilities of the members of the Association.

  • To advance education by supporting young registered doctors and medical students with developing and building their knowledge, skills and character through seminars, workshops, career evenings and activities.

  • To make grants by way of scholarships medical students for academic excellence and achievements.

  • To provide continuous education to its members through co-hosting international and local health conferences and seminars on current medical issues so as to enhance the skills and knowledge of its members in advising and educating the public.

  • To develop and provide a social and professional network for its members.

The full constitution of ACMA can be downloaded here.