ACMA Quiz Nite

Our Quiz Nite was held on Saturday 27 July at Greenlane Medical Specialists. This was our first ACMA quiz event in over four years and it was an exciting and mentally stimulating evening for our attendees. Six teams competed for the honour of being the Grand Champion, with fierce writing and hurried whispers creating an atmosphere of excitement as each team tried their best to outshine the others in this ultimate test. Topics ranged from Chinese foods, car parts, high school physics equations - all to find the team with the greatest knowledge.

The eventual winners were the mixed ACMA-YACMA team “China No. 1” consisting of Dr Kristine Ng, Dr Peter Fong, Tianwei Liu and students. It was a great night with pizza and chips to power the minds while Dr Derek Luo’s family of Star Wars characters and Peter and Kristine’s son kept us entertained. Much thanks goes out to Derek for kindly letting us use his facilities and also members of the Auckland Chinese Community Centre (ACCC) who also fielded a team. Final thanks goes to Brian Tse, Nick Quek and team for helping with the scoring and marking.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our quiz night next year!