Chinese Health Forum 2019

Date: 16th March 2019, 1400-1600

Venue: Panmure Community Hall, 7-13 Pilkington Road, Panmure

Panel Speakers:

Dr Derek Luo (Gastroenterology)

Dr Andrew To (Cardiology)

Dr Gary Wu (General Practice)

Dr David Wu (General Practice)

Dr Pui-Ling Chen (Endocrinology)

Dr Yu-Min Lin (Geriatrics)

Dr Joan Yeung (Pediatrics)

Another year, another iteration of ACMA’s annual Chinese Health Forum! This year once again brought together a number of expert practitioners from a wide range of specialities with the aim of helping improve the health knowledge of the general public - especially Auckland’s growing Chinese community. YACMA students also had a valuable opportunity to hone their skills while giving back to the community at the same time through running a free health check stand providing basic services such as blood pressure and peak flow measurements.