Careers Evening 2019

On Wednesday evening of the 21st of August, YACMA and ACMA collaborated together to bring students the annual YACMA Careers Evening. The talks were sectioned into three panels that had approximately 40 minutes each to discuss their medical specialties.

Panel 1 included James Liang (haematology), Ming Han Lim (gastroenterology), Edbert Wong (oncology) and Gary Lau (cardiology). Panel 2 was Amanda Sew Hoy (general practice), Joan Yeung (paediatrics) and Jonathan Chen (intensive care). Panel 3 featured Universe Leung (general surgery), Albert Yoon (orthopaedics) and Angus Shao (ENT).

Students were given the opportunity to ask any questions which lead to some very interesting discussions. Many different topics were covered, including the challenges and highlights of their respective specialities, how to manage the work-life balance, the process of training and advice that they would give to their medical student self. A big thank you to all the doctors who gave up their time and everyone that helped organise the careers evening. It was a very insightful talk that all attendees appreciated.